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Kindess Pays in Business

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We’re big fans of New York Times best-selling author and all-round good guy, Jay Baer.

He’s one of the leading marketing and business consultants in the world and certainly the smartest we’ve ever worked with.

When we heard The Toronto Star’s Ashante Infantry was writing a story on kindness in business, we knew she had to talk to Jay.

Jay’s new book, Youtility, is all about achieving business growth by being as useful as humanly possible to your target audience.

How useful is Jay?

His business card doubles as a bottle opener.

Besides being a New York Times bestseller, Youtility reached #1 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s an easy, straightforward and well written read.

But it’s more than a book; it’s a philosophy. And for Jay, it’s a way of life. Making it your way of life too won’t just make your work more meaningful; it’s good for the bottom line too.The theme of kindness runs throughout the book and Jay’s business life.And anyone who has ever spent any time with Jay can confirm that he practices what he preaches.Jay has been kinder to us than we could have possibly imagined, helping us in countless ways.

Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion, wrote a lovely blog post recently about those who had invested in him over the last year, including Jay.

In it, he wondered aloud why Jay had chosen to invest so much in him. Jay’s response offers a glimpse into the kind of man he is.

What I can say is our re-brand to Reimagine PR would not have been possible without his advice and insight. He and his remarkable, gifted team helped us in incalculable ways. We are profoundly and eternally grateful.

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Susan McLennan helps brands become better storytellers both through the media and through direct and digital communications. She is an award-winning communicator with a background in television production who has secured media coverage through some of the top media outlets in the world and created content that has won hearts and changed minds locally, nationally and internationally.
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Susan McLennan

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  • jaybaer

    Susan, thanks so much for this. It is 100% my honor to work with you and Mike. Congratulations on the new site! It’s lovely!!!

    • mikethewriterguy

      Thanks very much, Jay. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.

  • susanmclennan

    Thanks Jay. You’re a prince of a guy.