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About Us




“Some men become what they were born for.”
(Sheenagb Pugh)

Our Story:
I was working at a production company in both the PR and development departments.

One of my jobs was to read scripts and make recommendations on whether or not we should proceed with them and why.

The upside of that is I got to crawl around the inside of a lot of stories, hang with writers and write a lot of reports about story.

The downside of that is I had to crawl around the inside of a lot of stories, hang with writers and write a lot of reports about story.

And then I met Mike.

He’d sent in a script that leapt off the page and seemed to act itself out in front of my eyes. Our 45 minute drink meeting turned into a 7 hour date.

At the end of that meeting, I knew two things:

1. We would be together until the end of time

2. Together, we would build a company around storytelling

We agreed on the first point right away. It took me a few years to convince him of the second.

We knew right from the beginning what we didn’t want to do or be as a PR company. We’d never promote something we couldn’t believe in.

And we didn’t want to engage in push PR.

We wanted to help our clients engage and inspire their audiences. Through stories. Stories that matter.

Over the years, our stories have been picked up by some of the top media outlets in the world, sometimes repeatedly, including:
  • Today Show
  • The View
  • The New York Times
  • Ellen
  • NPR
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The National
  • Canada AM
  • The Toronto Star
  • Metro Morning
  • The Guardian
  • Many, many others

But technological advances over the last few years have also let us help clients engage their key stakeholders through useful, engaging content that brings brand stories to life in the hearts and minds of our clients’ audiences.

We now live in an era when everyday consumers, customers and clients make decisions about brands based on how helpful they are to them and by how they live in the world.

This is our kind of world.

It’s our kind of work.

It’s PR reimagined in a way we always hoped it would be.

Usefulness + story = Reimagine PR.

You can read more about Susan and Mike here.